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What does the IAFD do?

The Irish Association of Funeral Directors promotes excellence and expertise in the services provided by its members and strives to foster cooperation between members to enable them to provide better service to their clients.

How does the IAFD help to promote excellence in funeral service?

Explores how funeral profession is best governed
Sets standards for its members which, are independently audited

Strives to increase membership of the Association throughout the island of Ireland, thereby maximising its influence
Raises the profile and influence of the Association
Provides a range of high-quality education services for its members
Develops collaborative arrangements with other relevant organisations

What is the IAFD mission statement?

The Board, acting on behalf of IAFD members, is working towards the following mission:

“To work with our members to achieve excellence in funeral service and represent the funeral sector"

What is the vision of the IAFD?

To inspire our members to achieve standards of excellence in order to help them serve their communities and represent the funeral sector as one voice in a professional and client-focused manner.

What are the core values of the IAFD?

IAFD has three core values which are guiding principles to everything the Association does on behalf of its members. They are:

1. Professionalism

We will strive for excellent quality standards in all we do and encourage this in our members.

2. Integrity

We will act at all times with trustworthiness, fairness and respect in dealing with others.

3. Accountability

We will conduct the business of the Association in a manner that is open and transparent.

What is the IAFD Code of Practice?

It is a Customer Care Charter for the clients of IAFD Funeral Directors, guaranteeing a minimum standard of professional competence, openness and caring for families at what is a vulnerable time for many.

Who are the people behind the IAFD and how is it governed?

The IAFD is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected by its members bi-annually in General Meeting. The directors are men and women from all parts of Ireland who are highly experienced in the provision of funeral services. They come from varying backgrounds and different sizes of businesses and are located around Ireland in urban and rural areas. They provide their services on a voluntary basis and are passionate about what they do.

What are the benefits of becoming an IAFD member?

1.National Representation – The IAFD is recognised by government, the general public and the funeral sector as an authority on funeral-related matters

2. Education and Training - The IAFD Code of Practice contains a commitment to provide full training for IAFD member staff with a view to improving the quality of service provided. The Funeral Directing Certificate Award (FDCA) is an educational course designed and delivered by the IAFD to provide a combination of formal classroom and practical based training to meet the needs of Funeral Directors and to ensure that members of the Association provide the highest standard of service to their clients. This course is specifically designed for the purpose of training and upskilling those working within the funeral profession and requires that each candidate has at least six months of active experience within an IAFD member firm.

3. Collaboration with members across Ireland – The IAFD organises regular regional member meetings to promote networking and sharing of issues and solutions

4. Provision of up-to-date, sector-relevant information and communications.

5. Members have access to a “members only” section of the IAFD website, which provides access to a rich resource of support and information.

6. Professional Indemnity Insurance – automatic cover for all paid-up full members

7. Provision of advice and support on conducting non-standard funerals

8. Provision of advice on legal, insurance and administrative issues specific to the funeral sector

9. Complaints, dispute resolution and mediation services

10. Excellence Programme - this programme ensures all members are compliant with IAFD Quality Standard through independent auditing

How Do I Become an IAFD Member?

Applications for membership of the Association are always welcome. Full membership will be considered from firms operating on the island of Ireland.  Criteria for membership as laid down by IAFD must be met by prospective members. Membership is at the discretion of the Board of the IAFD. See here for more information and to download an application form please click here; https://www.iafd.ie/join

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