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The following Code of Practice applies to all members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors (IAFD).  This Code of Practice sets out the high level of service that clients may expect in their dealings with a member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors.



Responsibilities to Clients:

  • Members shall serve clients with competence and concern for their best interests, whilst at all times maintaining the highest standards of conduct.
  • Members shall make fair charges for their services, facilities and merchandise.
  • All privileged information must be held in the strictest confidence by Funeral Directors and their staff.

Definition of Member:

A member will be a fully paid up member of the IAFD. Each member accepts all the obligations and responsibilities outlined herein. Each member should prominently display a copy of this document in their premises.




  • Members shall assist families in planning a funeral with particular emphasis on the budgetary aspect of the funeral.  
  • Members must be able to detail the costs of funeral products (coffins/caskets, floral tributes etc.), services and facilities provided by them. Details of payments made on behalf of the client must also be made available.
  • Members shall provide clients with information on the registration of deaths, how to obtain copies of the Death Certificate and information on the availability of Death Grants and other social benefits.
  • The IAFD strongly recommends that a written confirmation of funeral arrangements and estimate of costs shall be offered to each client at the time of making arrangements or at the earliest opportunity thereafter. This shall be signed by the client, who must be over 18 years of age. In so doing, the client accepts responsibility for payment of the funeral account and confirms agreement to the arrangements, services and costs listed (subject to any amendments requested and/or agreed with the client) and gives authorisation for the preparation of the deceased (subject to this being discussed and agreed) that the Funeral Director deems necessary or beneficial. The client further acknowledges that he is duly authorised to make these arrangements for and on behalf of the deceased.
  • Members shall provide an itemised final account showing their service charges, funeral products and the payments made on the client’s behalf, together with settlement terms.



Professional Conduct:

  • Members are obliged to uphold and adhere to the Association’s Quality Standards as contained in the Bye Laws.
  • The choice of Funeral Director shall at all times be the prerogative of the family concerned.  If two Funeral Directors are called in error by the same family, they must both show a willingness to withdraw and allow the family to decide who is to act on their behalf.
  • Members will at all times show respect to the deceased in their care.
  • Care of the deceased will only be undertaken in premises that are or will be certified by the Association as having satisfied the stated requirements of the IAFD pertaining to the safety and health of staff, the general public and the environment.
  • Members will properly account for and remit any monies, documents, or personal property that accompanies the deceased.
  • Soliciting funerals is not permitted.
  • Members have an obligation to maintain strict compliance with the letter and spirit of all governmental laws and regulations that impact the funeral consumer, the funeral profession, and public health.


  • Members have an obligation to support and engage with the Irish Association of Funeral Directors in its mission to help all members enhance the quality of funeral service to families.​
  • All members in dealing with clients’ monies shall comply with the following rules.
    1. A member who receives, holds or controls clients’ monies shall, without delay, pay such clients’ monies into a client or trust account.
    2. A member who receives, holds or controls money in respect of outlays not yet disbursed shall, without delay, pay such monies into the client/trust account and shall treat such money in all respects as clients’ monies.
    3. For the avoidance of doubt, it shall be a breach of these rules for a member to pay into or hold in this client/trust account monies other than clients’ monies.
    4. A member shall not withdraw monies from the client account other than by means of a bank transfer which shall relate to a proper disbursement on behalf of that client, and which shall be duly vouched.
    5. A member shall not transfer an amount from the client/trust account other than in circumstances in which it would have been permissible for the member under these regulations to have withdrawn and for the reasons which were intended by the client in connection with the pre-payment for his/her funeral. 
    6. A member shall maintain and keep records, including reference numbers of all payments received from clients and payments out on behalf of those clients. These records should include copy of receipt issued to clients.
    7. Any use made of such funds, other than to meet the terms of the agreement with that client, will be regarded as misconduct and on receipt of a complaint the matter shall be referred to the appropriate committee for attention.




Client Concerns:

  • Members must endeavour to expediently address concerns which may arise between themselves and their clients.
  • Where a member cannot resolve the matter with the client, the matter should then be referred by the client to the Honorary Secretary of the IAFD. The Secretary will respond to the client within thirty days and will request the Redress and Mediation Committee to convene to investigate the matter, offer mediation and make appropriate recommendations.  
  • In the event of the recommendations of the Committee being unacceptable to the client, an independent arbiter shall be appointed with the agreement of the parties to offer resolution to the matter. The rights of the client and the member are in no way diminished by use of these procedures.


  • Members shall display prominently the Association symbol and Code of Practice. 


  • All advertising shall be dignified, truthful and in good taste and in accordance with the highest standards.


  • The Association will provide all members access to vocational training, developed to enhance their service to the client. 
  • Members of IAFD shall provide training for their staff in all relevant aspects of funeral service.



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