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IAFD - Association Details

Our Vision:

‘To inspire our members to achieve standards of excellence in order to help them serve their communities and represent the funeral sector as one voice in a professional and client focused manner’.

Our History and Purpose

The IAFD was established in 1979 as a group of funeral directors working together to improve client service standards and to provide representation for the members. It continues today to introduce initiatives aimed at achieving excellence in funeral service and in a representative role. Its cornerstone is an evolving Code of Practice which members are obliged to abide by, underpinned by Quality Standards detailing the level of competence a family can expect when dealing with an IAFD member.


IAFD currently has 234 full member firms, an increase of 24% in member numbers in the last ten years.  It is estimated that these member firms conduct 80% of the funerals arranged annually. The IAFD has thirty Associate and Overseas members firms, which provide services and products required for the provision of funeral services. Many of the associate members are indigenous businesses providing employment throughout Ireland.

IAFD - Code of Practice

The IAFD Code of Practice applies to all members and ensures a consistent set of standards that clients of IAFD funeral directors should expect. Further details about our code of practice can be found by clicking here….





Education in Funeral Service

IAFD promotes sector specific education and is the only provider of an externally accredited comprehensive programme. The Certificate in Funeral Practice (CFP) increases knowledge and improves skills and competencies. IAFD provides its training on a not for profit basis and is fully registered with QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland). 


The IAFD is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected by its members bi-annually in General Meeting. The directors are men and women from all parts of Ireland who are highly experienced in the provision of funeral service. They come from varying backgrounds and different sizes of businesses and are located around Ireland in urban and rural areas. They provide their services on a voluntary basis and are passionate about what they do. The diagram above demonstrates how the board of directors of the IAFD organise their activities in order to achieve the strategic objective of the organisation. 


General Enquiries -  (

President – John Foley (

First Vice President – Mary Cunnife

Treasurer – Dermot McCarthy (

Secretary – Edwina Fitzgerald (

Redress and Mediation Committee – Gerard Clarke (

Membership and Excellence Committee - Robert Fanagan - Chairman (

Education Committee Chairperson – Gerard Clarke/ Michael Crowley (

Public Relations Officer – Colm Kieran (

Regulation Development Committee – Gerard Clarke




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